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Coat of Arms Family Crests

Posted by Jeff Ezzell on is one of the largest makers of authentic Coat of Arms and Family Crests. Every Coat of Arms is researched and guaranteed. We use Burke's General Armory for our Coat of Arms from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It is a registry of all authentic Coat of Arms in Britain. Our Embroideries, Paintings and Plaques are hand done by the finest heraldic artists in Europe. Our color coat of arms are printed on Epson Matte paper. The best, period. Our History and Celebration Coat of arms and Histories, are printed on 60lb parchment. Over the years has built a unique database of Family Name Histories. In this database, we have compiled detailed and accurate historical backgrounds cover in excess of 1,000,000 family names, their meaning, origin and reference to them in history. All this carefully recorded information can be printed on an attractive Family Name History parchment scroll. Clients are fascinated to learn something about the history of their family name and genealogy. They may also find data relating to a namesake, or genealogy, perhaps as far back as the tenth century. Though many people think that Coats of Arms (Sometimes referred to as Family crests) were granted only to nobility, can actually find this fascinating insignia for more than ninety percent of all names submitted. can reproduce any Coat of Arms by translating its official description from the original Norman French or other native language, utilizing artistic skills which have been treasured in Europe for many centuries. Products include beautiful, hand-embroidered Coats of Arms, hand painted plaques, fine jewelry and timepieces, crystal and glassware, sweatshirts and T -Shirts and a full range of quality embroidered apparel.

Coat of Arms family crests

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