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Authenticity-all of our British Coat of Arms come from Burke's General Armory (A listing of Armorial Bearings from earliest to the present time)

We are the only trusted website dedicated to providing our customers with authentic and thoroughly researched Coats of Arms which are referred to as Family Crests.
Our Family Name Histories are guaranteed to be historically authentic. We are proud to own the largest Family Name History & Coat of Arms database in the world, with over 1 million family names. If your family name is not in our database, we will research it for you.
Imagine being able to display the Coat of Arms carried by your historical namesakes, faithfully reproduced as it appeared centuries ago!
Experience-Heraldry & Crests and it’s partners have been in business since 1988 with over 30 years of experience.
Heraldry and Crests was founded in the USA in 1988, but prior to that research for our database was started in Europe, a center for records and information on onomastics and family crests (the study of the origins and forms of proper names) and heraldry. Our company today supports over 400 dealers located in 22 countries on five continents.
Our center has the largest Research Facility of its kind in the world with original books dating back to the 1600′s and reproduced manuscripts and documents dating from even earlier centuries. Our library also includes reference books relating to people in history, passenger lists of old sailing ships, immigrant lists and more, all of which are used to do our researches and collect information about names and people in history who’ve borne these names. Our archives contain information on millions of names from around the world, European names from all countries including Jewish and oriental names We even have volumes on native Americans which enable us to research names of the “first” Americans. Many of our books are written in the language particular to the region that they cover. We pride ourselves in the fact that our research historians are chosen for their multi-linguistic abilities and that many of our printed documents are written in the native Language. All our information is from documented sources and researched in our own headquarters. Our Family Name Histories are individually researched, and all research is original and every bit of historical data contained in them can be authenticated and traced back to the source references from our library.
Source references-

1.Etymologisches Worterbuch der DeutschenFamillennamen

2.Armorial General Reitstaps

3. Rolland’s Companion to Reitstaps

4. Dictionnaire Etymologique des Noms Famille et Prenoms deFrance

5. El Solar Vasco Navarro

6. El Solar Catalan, Valenciano y Belear

7. General Index zu den Seibmacher schen Wappenbucher 1605-167

8. Dizionario Storico Blasonico

9. Irish Families-Their Names, Arms, and Origins

10. The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales

11. The Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames

12. The Surnames of Scotland

13. Burke’s General Armory

13. Herbarz Polski

14. Fairbairn’s Book of Crests

College of Arms

Burke’s Peerage

Burke’s General Armory (Now online, listing a verbal description of Coat of Arms in Britain)

Chief Herald of Ireland

Lord Lyon King of Arms Scotland

Domesday Book