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Translation of over 500 common mottos

If you are looking for a translation of the motto from your coat of arms/family crest, then this list is one of the best guides of its kind.

A coeur valliant, rien impossible – To a valiant heart, nothing is impossible
A Cruce Salus – Salvation comes from the cross
A Deo et rege – For God and king
A Deo lux nostra – Our light comes from God
A te pro te – From thee, for thee
Absque labore nihil – Nothing without labour
Actus Deo nemini facit injuriam – Acts of God do injury to none
Ad finem fidelis – Faithful to the end
Agendo gnaviter – By acting prudently
Alis aspicit astra – Flying, he keeps his eye on the stars
Amicis semper fidelis – Always faithful to my friends
Amicitia Reddit Honores – Friendship Gives Honor
Amo probos – Love proved
Amo, ut invenio – I love as I find
Amor et honor – Love and honour
An uactar – The chief
Anchora salutis – The anchor of salvation
Animo et fide – courage and faith
Animo non astutia – By courage, not craft
Aquila non captat muscas – The eagle does not catch flies
Ardenter amo – I love fervently
Ardua petit ardea – The heron seeks high places
Arte et marte – By skill and valour
Arte non vi – By skill not force
Asgre lan diogel et phercen – A good conscience is the best shield
Audaces fortuna juvat – Fortune favours the bold
Aut Caesar aut nihil – Either Caesar or nothing
Aut inveniam viam aut faciam – I shall either find or make a path
Aut nunquam tentes, aut perfice – Either do not attempt, or complete
Aut suavitate aut vi – Either by gentleness or by force
Auxilium meum a Domino – My help is from the Lord

Be trwgh and delygent – By truth and diligence
Bidd llu hebb llydd – In the path of an army, no man can stand
Bis vincit qui se vincit – He conquers twice who conquers himself
Bis vivit qui bene vivit – He lives twice who lives well
Boutez en avant – Put forward

Cada uno es hijo desus obras – Every man is the son of his works
Caelestis veritas origo – The source of heavenly truth
Candor dat viribus alas – Truth gives wings to strength
Cara Deo nihilo carent – God’s beloved are in want of nothing
Carpe diem – Seize the present opportunity
Cassis tutissima virtis – Virtue is the strongest helmet
Cave quid dicis, quando et cui – Beware what you say and to whom
Ceart na suad – The right of the learned
Cede Deo – submit to God
Celer et audax – Swift and bold
Celeritar – With speed
Certa salutis anchora – The sure anchor of salvation
Certavi et vici – I have fought and conquered
Cervus lacessitus leo – The stag at bay becomes a lion
Che sara sara – What will be will be
Cherche et tu trouveras – Seek and you will find
Chirsto duce vincamus – With Christ I will conquer
Clann Feargaill ab| – The Fearghaill clan forever
Claritate dextra – With a bright light to the right
Clementia in potentia – Clemency in Power
Coelitus datum – Given by God
Coelum non solum – Heaven not earth
Comme je trouve – As I find it
Comrac an ceart – The right fight
Confide recte agens – Trust in fair dealing
Confido – I confide
Confido in Deo – Help in God
Congnam ² Dia – Help from God
Conjuncta virtuti fortuna – Fortune is joined to bravery
Conlan ab| – Conlan forever
Conlan ab¦ – Conlan forever
Consequiter quodcunque petit – He obtains whatever he seeks
Consilion non impetu – By wisdom not rashness
Constans et fidelis – Steady and faithful
Constantia et dillengentia – By perseverance and diligence
Constantia et virtute – By perseverance and virtue
Cor et manus – Heart and hand
Cor immobile – A steadfast heart
Corage sans peur – Courage without fear
Courageux – Courageous
Crescit sub pondere virtus – Virtue thrives beneath oppression
Cresco per crucem – I increase by the cross
Cresio et spero – I increase and hope
Cristo duce vincamus – With Christ I will conquer
Cruce, dum sprio, fido – while I have breath, I trust in the cross
Cuimnig ar do geallamnaca – Remember your promises
Cura quietem – Peace quietness

Dant vires gloriam – Strength gives glory
Dant vulnera vitam – The wounds of life
Dat gloria vires – A good name gives strength
De bon vouloir servir le patriae – To serve the country with right good will
De Dieu tout – From God everything
Debonnair – Kind or gracious
Dei gratia – By the grace of God
Dei providentia juvat – God’s providence assists
Del fuego lo avolo – I escaped from the fire
Demeure par la vZritZ – Stick by the truth
Deo adjuvante non timendum – With God assisting we must not fear
Deo duce decrevi – Under God direction I have determined
Deo duce fero commitante – God my guide, my strength, and companion
Deo et regi fidelis – loyal to God and king
Deo fidelis et patria – Faithful to God and country
Deo fidens persistas – Trusting in God preserve
Deo gloria noster – Our glory to God
Deo patria amicas – To God country and friends
Deo patria tibi – For God, country, and yourself
Deo patriaeque fidelis – Faithful to God and country
Deo, regi, patriae – God, king, country
Deus fortitudo mea – God is my strength
Deus juvat – God assists
Deus nobis haec otia fecit – God has given us this tranquility
Deus non reliquit memorian humilium – God hath not forgotten the humble
Deus pascit corvos – God feeds the ravens
Deus providebit – God will provide
Deus solamen – God is my comfort
Deus vult – God wills it
Dextra cruce vincit – My right hand conquers by the cross
Dieu a la mer – God is the sea
Dieu defend le droit – God defends the right
Dieu est mon aide – God is my help
Dieu est tout – God is all
Dieu et la rZligion – God and the religion
Dieu et ma main droite – God and my right hand
Dieu me conduise – God guide me
Dieu pour nous – God for us
D¹leas go deo – Faithful forever
Diligentia ditat – Industry renders rich
Diligentia fortior – Stronger by diligence
D¹lis – Faithful
Disce pati – Learn to endure
Ditat fide servata – Tried fidelity enriches
Ditat servata fide – Tried fidelity enriches
D‹cas a cur i ndia – Hope in God
Dominus providebit – God will provide
Donec impleat orbem – Until it fill its orb
Drogo nomen et virtus arm dedid – Drogo is my name, and valour gave me arms
Dulce periculum – Danger is sweet
Dulcius ex asperis – Sweeter after difficulties
Dum spiro spero – While I breath I hope
Duw ydi ein cryfdwr – God is our strength

En Dieu est tout – In God is all
En grace affie – On grace depend
En la rose je fleurie – I flourish in the rose
En suivant la verite – By following the truth
Endure fort – Suffer bravely
Ero quod spero – I will again hope
Esperance – Hope
Esse quam videri – To be, rather than to seem
Est pii Deum et patriam diligere – It is part of a good man to love God and country
Esto quod esse videris – Men should be what they seem
Ex merito – With merit
Exaltabit honore – It will exalt with honour

Facta non verba – Deeds not words
Faire sans dire – To do without speaking
Fama mala quo non aliud velocius ullum – There is no evil swifter than a rumor
Famam extendimus factis – We extend our reputation by deeds
Faug a bollag – Clear the way
Faveat fortuna – Let fortune favour
Favente Deo – By Gods favour
Fear garb as mait – A good blunt man
Felis demulcta mitis – The stroked cat is meek
Feret ad astra virtus – Virtue will bear us to the sky
Ferme en foy – Strong in faith
Festina lente – Diligently, but not hurriedly
Fiat pax florent justitia – Let peace be made, justice be done
Fide et firme – Faithfully and firmly
Fide et fortitude – By fidelity and fortitude
Fide et virtute – By fidelity and valour
Fide fortuna forti – Faith is stronger than fortune
Fide sed cui vide – Trust, but be careful whom (you trust)
Fideli certa merces – To the faithful there is certain reward
Fidelis ad urnam – Faithful to the tomb
Fidelis usque ad mortem – Faithful even to death
Fideliter – Faithfully
Fidens et constans – Stand firm on trust
Fides et Justitia – Faith and Justice
Fides non timet – Faith fears not
Fidus et audax – Faithful and bold
Finem respice – Consider the end
Finis coronat opus – The end crowns the work
Flead agus fýilte – Celebrate and welcome
Floreat majestas – Let majesty flourish
Floreat qui laborat – He prospers who labours
Fortes fortuna juvat – Fortune favours the bold
Forti et fideli nihil difficle – To the brave and faithful man nothing is difficult
Forti non ignavo – To the brave man, not to the dastard
Fortis atque fidelis – Brave and faithful
Fortis est veritas – Strong is the truth
Fortis et constans – Bold and constant
Fortis et egregius – Brave and distinguished
Fortis et fidelis – Brave and faithful
Fortis et fidus – Brave and faithful
Fortis et hospitalis – Brave and hospitable
Fortis et velox – Strong and swift
Fortis in arduis – Brave in difficulties
Fortiter – Boldly
Fortiter et fideliter – Boldly and faithfully
Fortiter et honeste – Boldly and honestly
Fortiter et suaviter – Firmly and mildly
Fortitudine – With fortitude
Fortitudine et labore – By fortitude and labour
Fortitudine et prudentia – With fortitude and prudence
Fortuna audaces juvat – Fortune favours the bold
Fructo cognoscitur arbor – A tree is recognized by its fruit
Fugit hora – The hour flies
Fuimus – We have been (We have made our mark)
Fulcrum dignitotis virus – Virtue is the support of dignity
Fulget virtus – Virtue shines forth
Fulminis instar – Like lightning

Gardez bien – Guard well
Gaudet tenamine virtus – Virtue exults in the trial
Gearaig agus dog buad – Cut and burn to victory
Generousitas et victoria – Generous in victory
Glandium musqrum nutrix – The sword is the muse of muses
Gluaiseact ar agaid – Forward motion
Gradua diversi via una – There is but one way to all difficulties
Grato animo – With greatful mind

Heb Dduw heb ddin a Duw a digon – Without God, without anything, God is enough
His secutitas – Safety from these
Hoc majorum virtus – This is the valour of my ancestors
Honeste audax – Honourably bold
Honestum praefero utili – I prefer what is honourable to what is useful
Honestum praetulit utili – He has preferred honesty to advantage
Honi soit qui mal y pense – Shame to him who evil thinks
Honor et virtus – Honour and virtue
Honor virtutes praemium – Honor is the reward of valour
Honos virtutes satilles – Honour the attendant of virtue
Humani nihil alienum – Nothing that relates to man is indifferent to me

In ardua – On high
In Cristo nomine – In Christ’s name
In cruce salus – Salvation from the cross
In Deo confido – I trust in God
In Deo sola spec mea – My hope in God alone
In Deo spero – I hope in God
In Domino confido – In God we trust
In Domino et non in arcu sperabo – In God and not in my bow I will hope
In Domino speravi – In the Lord I have placed my hope
In fide et in bello fortis – Strong both in faith and in war
In hoc signo spec mea – In this sign is my hope
In hoc signo vinces – Under this sign you shall conquer
In lumine lucem – I may shine in the light
In periculis audax – Bold in dangers
In scientia veritas in arte honestas – In science truth, in art honour
In utrumque paratus – Prepared for both
In veritate victoria – Victory in truth
Inclytus virtute – Renowned for virtue
Indignante invidia florebit justus – The just man will flourish in spite of envy
Industria veritas et hospitalis – Industry, truth, and hospitality
Inservi Deo laetare – Serve God rejoice
Intaminatis fulget honoribus – It shines with unstained honours
Invictus arduis – Unconquered in difficulties
Ipse fecit nos – He made us

J’aime mon Dieu, mon Roi, mon patrie – I love my God, my King, my country
Jour de ma vi – Day of my life
Justitia et fortitudo invincibilia sunt – Justice and fortitude are invincible
Justum et tanecem proposite – Just and firm of purpose

L’homme vrai aime son pays – The true man loves his country
Labor omnia vincit – Work wins everything
Lým lýidir in uactar – The strong hand uppermost
Lasair romuin go buad – The torch before us triumphantly
Le dsais – By all means
Leges juraque servat – He observes the laws and statutes
Leve et reluis – Arise and re-illumine
Levius fit patientia – Patience makes burdens lighter
Liber et erectus – Free and erect
Libertas – Liberty
Loin seac – Mariner
Loyal aut mort – Loyal to the death
Lucent in tenebris – They shine in darkness
Lumen coeleste sequamur – May we follow heavenly inspiration

Magnum in parvo – Much in little
Maireann a sgriobsar – History cannot be denied
Maireann a sgr¹obtar – That which is written lives
Malo mori quam foedari – Death rather than dishonour
Manent optima coele – The best await us in heaven
Manu forti – With a strong hand
Manus hoec inimica tyrannis – This hand is hostile to tyrants
Me stante virebunt – While I stand they will flourish
Mea gloria fides – Faith is my glory
Medio tutissimus ibis – You will go safest in the middle
Memor esto – Be mindful of thy ancestors
Memoria pii aeterna – The memory of the pious is eternal
Mens conscia recti – A mind conscious of rectitude
Meritus augentur honores – Honours are enhanced by deserts
Miseris succurrere disco – I learn to succour the unfortunate
Misneac – Bear and forbear
Misni¦il agus d¹lis – Brave and faithful
Mon Dieu est ma roche – My God is my rock
Morior invictus – More wonderful unconquered
Mors aut honorabilis vita – Death or a life of honour
Moveo et proficior – I proceed and am more prosperous
Mullac ab| – The chief forever

Naom colmcille agus an t-angeal – St Columbkille and the angle
Ne cede malis – Yield not to adversity
Ne oublies – Do not forget
Ne parcas nec spernas – Neither spare nor scorn
Ne quid falsi – Nothing false
Ne tenta vel perfice – Attempt not or accomplish
Ne timeo nec sperno – I neither fear nor despise
Ne vile velis – Wishing nothing base
Nec cupias, ne metuas – Neither desire nor fear
Nec elatus nec dejectus – Neither overjoyed, nor dejected
Nec flectitur nec mutant – They neither bend nor change
Nec Pretio nec prece – Neither by bribery nor prayer
Nec temere nec timide – Neither rashly nor timidly
Nemo me impune lacessit – No one provokes me with impunity
Nemo sine cruce beatus – No one is happy but by the cross
Nic opprimere nec opprimum – Neither to oppress nor be oppressed
Nihil alienum – Nothing strange
Nihil amanti durum – Nothing is hard for one who loves
Nihil sine labore – Nothing without labour
Nihil verius – Nothing more true
Nil admirari – Not to admire
Nil claraius astris – Nothing brighter than the stars
Nil conscire sibi – To have a conscience free from guilt
Nil desperandum – Never despairing
Nil desperandum est – We must never despair
Nodo firmo – In firm knot
Noli irritare leonem – Do not irritate the lions
Noli me tangere – Touch me not
Non crux sed lux – Not the cross, but the light
Non degener – Not degenerate
Non dormis – I sleep not
Non nobis sed omnibus – Not for us but for all
Non nobis solum – Not for us for oneself
Non obscura nec ima – Neither obscure nor very low
Non sibi sed toti – Not for one self but for all
Nunquam acquiescere – Never Acquiesce
Nunquam non paratus – Never unprepared
Nunquam obliviscar – I will never forget

Omina vincit labor – Labor conquers all things
Omine bonum die Donum – Every good thing is a gift of God
Omne bonum Dei donum – All good things comes in the gift of God
Omne solum forti patria – Every sail to a brave man in his country first
Omni solum forti patria – Every land is a brave man’s country
Omnia pro bono – All things for the good
Omnia vincit amor – Love subdues all things
Opmia spolia – The richest of the spoil
Optima sapientia probitas – Probity is the best wisdom
Optima sperando spero – Hoping for the best, I live
Ora et labora – Pray and labour

Paditate coelestes portae – Open O ye heavenly gates
Par loi et droit – By law and right
Paratus et fidelis – Ready and faithful
Parea non servin – I obey but not as a slave
Patriae fidus – Faithful to my country
Patriae inflici fidelis – Faithful to my unhappy country
Per ardua – Through difficulties
Per ardua surgo – I rise through difficulties
Per mare – By land
Per mare per terras – By sea and land
Per varios casus – By various fortunes
Perge sed caute – Advance but cautiously
Persevera Deoque confide – Persevere and trust in God
Perseverando – By preservering
Perseverantia – Perseverance
Pie vivere et Deum et patriam diligere – To live piously and to love God and country
Pour bien desirer – For wishing well
Praemium virtutis honor – Honour is the reward of virtue
Praestare et prodessee – To outstrip and do good
Praestat opes sapientia – virtue by wisdom
Prend moi tel que je suis – Take me such as I am
Pres pour mon pais – Ready for my country
Primus ultimusque in acie – First and last in battle
Prisco stripe Hibernico – Of ancient Irish stock
Pro aris et focis – For our altars and our home
Pro Deo et patria – For God and country
Pro Deo et rege – For God and king
Pro Deo, rege, et patria – For God, king, and country
Pro fide et patria – For faith and fatherland
Pro mitra coronam – A crown for a mitre
Pro patria – For my country
Pro patria et religione – For country and religion
Pro patria invictus – For our unconquered country
Pro patria vivere et mori – To live and die for our country
Pro rege – For my king
Pro rege et patria – For king and country
Pro rege et religione – For king and religion
Pro veritate – For truth
Pro virtute – For virtue
Probitate et labore – By honesty and toil
Prodesse quam conspici – To do good rather than be conspicuous
Providentia divina – By devine providence
Prudens ut serpens simplex ut columba – Prudent as a serpent simple as a dove
Prudentia et honor – Prudence and honour

Qualis ab incepte – The same as from the beginning
Qualis ab incepto – The same as from the beginning
Que sursum volo videri – I would see what is above
Qui nucleum vult, nucem frangat – Who so wishes the kernel must crack the nut
Qui potest capere capist – Let him take who can take
Qui vit content lient assez – He that lives content has got enough
Quod ero spero – I hope that I shall be
Quoe pense – What do you think

Regarde bien – Attend well
Res non verba – Facts not words
Resitite usque ad sanguinem – Resist even to death
Resolutia cauta – Prudent resolution
Respice finem – Regard the end
Reviresco – I flourish again
Robori prudentia praestat – Strength prudence excellence
Rotione non vi – By reason not force

‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream – My People are Royal
S’ils te mordent mords les – If they bite thee, bite them
S’Riogal mo dream – Royal is my race
Salus in fide – Salvation by faith
Sans changer – Without changing
Sans crainte – Without fear
Sapiens dominabitur astris – A wise man can rule the stars
Sapientia donum Dei – Wisdom is the gift of God
Scandit sublima virtus – Virtue scales great heights
Seasam go teann, go daingean – To stand firm
Sed contra audentior – Courage, against opposition
Semper eadem – Always the same
Semper fidelis – Always faithful
Semper idem – Always the same
Semper paratus – Always prepared
Semper patriae servire presto – Be always ready to serve your country
Semper praecinctus – Ever ready
Semper vigilans – Always watchful
Sequitur patrem non passibus aequis – He follows his father with unequal steps
Serviendo guberno – I govern by serving
Servitute clarior – More illustrious by serving
Si Deus nobiscum qui contra nos – If God be with us, who can be against us
Sibimet merces industria – Industry is a recompense to itself
Sic itir ad astra – This is the way of the stars
Sic nos sic sacra tuemur – Thus we guard our sacred rights
Signum pacis amor – Love is the token of peace
Sine fine – Without end
Sine labe – Without dishonour
Sine labe resurgens – To rise again
Sine macula – Without spot
Sine metu – Without fear
Sola bona que honesta – Those things are good which are honest
Sola cruce – Only the cross
Sola salus servire Deo – To serve God is the only salvation
Sola virtus nobilitat – Virtue alone ennobles
Sola virtus nobiltat – Virtue alone ennobles
Soli Deo gloria – Glory to God alone
Soyez fiel – Be faithful
Spec mea Deus – I hope in God
Spec mea in Deo – God is my hope
Spectemur agendo – Let us be judged by our actions
Spei bonae atque animae – Of good hope and courage
Sperandum est – It is to be hoped
Spero – I hope
Spero meliora – I hope for better things
Spes lucis aeternae – The hope of eternal life
Spes mea Christus – Christ is my hope
Stat fortuna domus – The good fortune of the house stands
Stat promissa fieds – Promised faith abides
Stat religione parentum – Stands in the religion of parents
Stat veritas – Truth stands
Stemmata quid faciunt? – What value is pedigree?
Stet – Stand
Stimulat, sed ornat – It stimulates, but it adorns
Stol muireadaig – The seed of Muireadaig
Studio sapientia crescit – Wisdom grows by study
Su se robore firmat – He strengthens himself by his own might
Suaviter et fortiter – Mildly and firmly
Sub cruce salus – Salvation under the cross
Sub hoc signo vinces – Under this sign we shall conquer
Sub lege libertas – Under the law there is liberty
Sub libertate quietem – Rest under liberty
Sub sole, sub umbra virens – Increasing both in sunshine and in shade
Subditus fidelis regis et salus regni – A subject faithful to his king is the safety of the kingdom
Sursum – Upwards
Sursum corda – Hearts upwards
Sustine et abstine – Sustain and abstain

Te ipsum nosce – Know thyself
Teneat luceat floreat – May it hold an shine
Tenebras expellit et hostes – He drives forth the darkness and the foe
Terra marique potens – Valiant by sea and land
Tibi soli – To thee alone
Tosac cata a’s deireair – The beginning and end of battle
Toujours fidele – Always faithful
Toujours fort – Always strong
Toujours prest – Always nimble
Toujours pret – Always ready
Toujours propice – Always propitious
Tout vient de Dieu – All comes from God
Transfixus sed non mortuus – Wounded but not dead
Tu ne cede malis – Yield not to misfortunes
Tuaga tulaig ab| – The Tulaigh territory forever
Turris fortis mihi deus – God is a tower of strength to me
Tutum monstrat iter – He showed a safe road
Tutum refugium – A safe refuge

Ubi amor ibi fides – Where there is love, there is faith
Ubi Libertas, ibi patria – Where liberty is there is my country
Ubi scriptum? – Where is it written?
Ubique – Every where
Ullam-aime – Ever ready
Un Dieu, un roy, un foy – One God, one king, one faith
Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy – One God, one faith, one law
Ut apes, geometriam – As bees, geometry
Ut quocunque paratus – That I may be prepared on every side
Ut reficiar – That I may be refreshed
Utilem pete finem – Seek a useful end

Velis quod possis – Aim at what you can accomplish
Ventis secundi – By favourable winds
Verax atque probus – Trust worthy and honest
Versus et fidelis semper – True and faithful ever
Vi et armis – By force and arms
Vi et industria – By strength and industry
Vi et veritate – By Force and by Truth
Vi et virtute – By strength and valour
Vi vivo et armis – I live by force and arms
Via crucis via lucis – The way of the cross is the way of light
Victoria a Domino – Lord of victory
Vide sed cui vide – Trust but in whom take care
Vigeur de dessus – Strength from above
Vigilans audax – Vigilant and bold
Vigilans et audax – Vigilant and bold
Vigilanter – Watchfully
Vigliantabus – By the watchful
Vincere aut mori – Either conquer or die
Vincet virtute – Shall conquer by truth
Vincit omnia pertinax virtus – Stubborn virtue conquers all
Vincit omnia veritas – Truth overcomes all things
Vincit omnia virtus – Virtue conquers all
Vincit qui patitur – He conquers who endures
Vincit qui se vincit – He conquers who conquers himself
Vincit veritas – Truth conquers
Vincula de linguae vel tibi linguae dabit – Lay restraint on thy tongue or thy tongue will lay it on thee
Vir super hostem – A man above an enemy
Virtus auro praeferenda – Virtue is to be prefered to gold
Virtus basis vitae – Virtue is the basis of life
Virtus in arduis – Courage in difficulties
Virtus invicta – Unconquered virtue
Virtus invicta gloriosa – Unconquered virtue is glorious
Virtus non vertitur – Virtue not changed
Virtus potentior auro – Virtue is more powerful than gold
Virtus probata florescit – Tried virtue flourishes
Virtus semper viridis – Virtue is always flourishing
Virtus sibi aureum – Virtue is worth gold to itself
Virtus sola nobilitat – Virtue alone ennobles
Virtus sub pondere crescit – Virtue increases under burden
Virtute – By virtue
Virtute acquiritur honos – Honour is the reward of virtue
Virtute et claritate – By virtue and high repute
Virtute et fidelitate – By valour and fidelity
Virtute et fortuna – By virtue and fortune
Virtute et labore – By valour and exertion
Virtute et numine – By virtue and prudence
Virtute et valare luceo non uro – By virtue and valour I shine, but do not burn
Virtute et valore – By virtue and valour
Virtute non verbis – Deeds not words
Virtute probitate – By virtue and honesty
Virtute res parvae crescunt – Things increase by virtue
Virtute vici – I have conquered by virtue
Virtutes et honor – Honour and virtue
Virtutes parvae crescunt – Small things increase by virtue
Virtutis praemium – Virtues reward
Vis fortibus arma – Vigour is arms to brave men
Vis fortibus arma vigour – Vigour is arms to brave men
Vitae via virtus – Virtue is the way of life
Viva ut vivas – Live that you may live forever
Vive ut vivas – Live that you may live forever
Vivere sat vincere – To conquer is to live enough
Volando, reptilia sperno – Flying, I despise reptiles
Vulnera mihi vita – Wounds are life to me
Vulneratur non vincitur – Wounded not vanquished
Vulneratus non victus – Wounded not conquered
Vulneror, non vincor – I am wounded, but not vanquished