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Heraldry & Crests and it’s partners have been in business since 1988 with over 34 years of experience.

We know you will enjoy our products and especially our service and commitment to bring you the best Heraldic products of any site out there. We have a BBB A+ rating for the best service as well. If you are unhappy in any way, or if the USPS or Fed Ex damages your product in shipping, we will take care of you. Again all our Coat of Arms and Family Name Histories are Authentic.
Heraldry & Crests gives you a piece of your Heritage. An interesting trend is developing all around the globe. As the world surges towards the third millennium and we live surrounded by wonders of high technology, people throughout the United States and in many other countries are trying to get back to their past or genealogy.
People from many diverse walks of life have an intense desire to establish their ancestral identity and to find some link with their roots or family crests. Heraldry & Crests is currently providing a service which fulfills this desire.
You are linked to the past by your family name, or genealogy which has been in existence for hundreds – perhaps thousands of years. What is it’s origin? Was it taken from the Bible, a Clan name, the name of a village…an occupation…an ancient landmark?
Those mysteries can now be answered by Heraldry and Crests. Compiled and presented in unique Family Name Histories and Family crests from our database, major works which reveal many facets as they relate to a particular name, including the origin and meaning of the name, vital facts about people who carried it, events they were involved in, occupations they pursued, intriguing details and the earliest recorded date found, early immigrants and Blazons of Arms describing heraldic markings and designs.
Heraldry and Crests was founded in the USA in 1988, but prior to that research for our database was started in Europe, a center for records and information on onomastics and family crests (the study of the origins and forms of proper names) and heraldry. Our company today supports over 400 dealers located in 22 countries on five continents.
Heraldry & Crests has the largest and most extensive facility of it’s kind in the world.
The past decade has seen people from all over the world develop a completely different attitude about who they are. Instead of trying to hide our ancestry by sliding inconspicuously into the great melting pot, we are now displaying a new found pride in our roots or genealogy. People are proud to display their ancestral nationality and their own name, which is an important link with their roots or genealogy. Heraldry and Crests data base of Family Name Histories, Coats of Arms, and Family Crests truly reflects the multi ethnic makeup of the population
Over the years Heraldry & Crests has built a unique database of Family Name Histories. In this database, we have compiled detailed and accurate historical backgrounds cover in excess of 1,000,000 family names, their meaning, origin and reference to them in history. All this carefully recorded information can be printed on an attractive Family Name History parchment scroll. Clients are fascinated to learn something about the history of their family name and genealogy. They may also find data relating to a namesake, or genealogy, perhaps as far back as the tenth century. Though many people think that Coats of Arms (Sometimes referred to as Family crests) were granted only to nobility, H & C can actually find this fascinating insignia for more than ninety percent of all names submitted.
Heraldry & Crests has developed a computerized graphic arts database which has the ability to reproduce full color coats of arms and crests in the vivid colors originally used hundreds of years ago. The result is an heirloom quality keepsake which our customers are proud to display and pass onto future generations. Heraldry & Crests can reproduce any Coat of Arms by translating its official description from the original Norman French or other native language, utilizing artistic skills which have been treasured in Europe for many centuries. Products include beautiful, hand-embroidered Coats of Arms, hand painted plaques, fine jewelry and timepieces, crystal and glassware, sweatshirts and T -Shirts and a full range of quality embroidered apparel.
"Imagine being able to display the Coat of Arms for your Family Name, faithfully reproduced to appear as it did centuries ago!" is a firm that specializes in onomastic and heraldic research. With the most comprehensive research library of its kind in the world, an existing database of over 1,000,000 names, and a staff of highly trained specialists, we are able to provide the most accurate information currently available about the meaning and origin of family names, as well as the coats of arms associated with them. Your family name is your link to the past - ancient customs, distinguished ancestors and a heritage that has helped define what you and your family are today. Our exceptional offerings in Family Name Histories, Coats of Arms, ceramics and apparel draw on centuries of tradition that you will be proud to share with family and friends.
With access to many rare and exclusive Books, Manuscripts and documents, Heraldry and Crests uses an extensive library, along with, hand recorded and computerized records to individually research each family's name history and family coat of arms. We are proud to own the largest Family Name History & Coat of Arms database in the World.  We also have the largest and most varied product line available for family coat of arms and family crests. All of Heraldry and Crest's heraldic products are custom made and personalized to be a worthy reflection of your family name. The coat of arms, which originated in Europe, is also often referred to as armorial bearings, armorial devices or heraldic devices. The coat of arms, which was utilized initially by knights as a way of identifying themselves and setting themselves apart from soldier-enemies, could belong to a group of people or even a specific person. Also referred to as a family crest, a family coat of arms is essentially a graphic display of your family's name. This tradition, which goes back nearly 800 years, symbolizes the history of a family name. A family crest plaque or coat of arms may be unique to not only a family, but a person, corporation or state as well. Coats of arms belong to the tradition of heraldry, which refers to the design and display of the arms. When towns, countries or villages use coats of arms, it is called civic heraldry. A traditional coat of arms usually includes a patterned shield that is decorated with a crest, a helmet, a motto, a crown, a wreath and a mantling. A coat of arms may be used by a school, college, church, guild, corporation or families to reflect their origins.
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