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Through the years Heraldry and Crests has built a unique database of coat of arms, family crests, family coat of arms, family name histories, and coat of arms shields. We specialize in surnames, surname meanings, the surname origin, heraldry, ancestry, and genealogy. We offer a variety of products based on the original translations and superb original artwork created by some of the world’s foremost heraldic artists.

We have one of the largest database in the world for family crests, family coat of arms, coat of arms, and information on genealogy, surname meanings, family name histories, and coat of arms shields. We have over one million surnames, and surname meanings available now, with access to many more. Heraldry and Crests uses the largest and most extensive facility of its kind in the world, with research data covering millions of surnames, and genealogy from all parts of the world.

Most family coat of arms, family crests, and family name histories are available in a few days. All coat of arms shields and crests are authentic. Family name histories contain information on origins of the name, surname meanings, genealogy, dates and documents, as well as a verbal description or picture of the coat of arms and crest. We make coat of arms shields on paintings, embroideries, jewelry, clothing, and a variety of different items.