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This is a sample, you will receive the authentic Coat of Arms for your specific last name from the Free Preview.

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Family Coat of Arms Shield – Individually custom hand painted by a professional artist.

In battle, a knight dressed in armor from head to toe was barely recognizable to either friend or foe, so a new method of identification became necessary. The result was special markings painted on the knight’s shield and on the coat worn over his armor. So, we see that Heraldry began as the mark of the warrior!

Knights in medieval times actually used shields as weapons. Shields were designed as both vehicles of defense and to attack with the addition of a sharp iron or bronze spike protruding from the center.

Our bespoke Family Shield is custom hand crafted and painted in Toledo, Spain . It is an ornamental triangular shield made of steel, converging into a point at the top. The frame is ornamented with brass.

A riveted brass plated sheet with a copper knight sits in the center, individually hand painted to depict your family coat of arms.


31.5" x 18.5"

Copper Knight

9" x 6"

Hand Crafted

Family Crest custom hand painted (Professional artist).

Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest

Detailed explanation of all featured colors and symbols

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