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Bronze Viking Sword

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The assumed reasons for the sudden appearance of the Vikings by the end of the 8th century are many and different.

The overpopulation of their homelands is one of the most mentioned reasons, this demographic explosion that took place in Norway and Denmark during the 7th and 8th centuries, furthermore, the progressive setting of a stable rule in most all Western Europe, specifically in the continent after the foundation of Charlemagne’s Empire, had created a remarkable increase in European trade, this meant opportunities for piracy.

Their armament comprised of a sword or axe, spear, and shield, while most men had a short knife attached to their belts. Of these weapons, the sword was the most popular and this piece was given a certain respect, especially in the case of being handed down from generations.

The Viking sword of the 7th -8th century, characterized by a large steel made blade with a central fuller along its upper third. The bronze plated cast metal hilt is finely worked with geometrical and abstract figures. The guard is short and elliptical, the handgrip is straight, and the pommel is specular to the guard even if of reduced size.

Overall Length



Tempered AISI 440 Stainless Steel


Zamak – Bronze plated

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