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Elaborately bonded , Brass & Parchment plaques, completely hand-painted by skilled artist using ancient heraldic techniques. Also Metal Hand painted shields, forged from steel and curved to deflect swords, with the historical coat-of-arms granted to your family surname, painted by hand on a medieval shield. With brilliant colors and authentic details, the plaques are displayed on a rich wood base, with mahogany veneer. The Coat of Arms shield will be a family heirloom available for display in your home for years to come. Show your pride in your last name by ordering a coat of arms shield to be hand painted today. These Hand Painted Family Heirlooms are produced by specially trained artists, expert in depicting the emblems of heraldry as they were first employed centuries ago. This proud tradition lives on in the vibrant colors and detailed images.  We make coat of arms shields on paintings, embroideries, jewelry, clothing, and a variety of different items. All Family Coat of Arms and Family Crests are authentic in every detail.