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About Coat of Arms

Coats of arms have been in use by men and women throughout the world for almost 1,000 years! These images, which were proudly displayed on shields, monuments, armor and clothing embodied the hopes, aspirations and achievements of the individuals who used them. The Coat of Arms maker, Coat of Arms search, and the Coat of Arms creator are special software designed By Heraldry and Crests.  The Coat of Arms maker involves the heraldic symbols that form the art work that has meaning that represent the the ambitions of the bearers for centuries.  The Coat of Arms search helps you to be able to view the authentic Coat of Arms for your last name, and the Coat of Arms Creator is software designed by Heraldry and Crests to help you discover your specific family Crest & Coat of Arms. These tools were designed by Heraldry & Crests to enable you to find and view the Coat of Arms for your last name on our Free Preview.  Now you can learn about the Coat of Arms, find out the special meaning it holds, what the symbols and colors stand for, and have your own authentic representation of this centuries-old tradition.   This will become a talking point among your family, relatives and friends. All of Heraldry and Crest's heraldic products are custom made and personalized to be a worthy reflection of your family name. The coat of arms, which originated in Europe, is also often referred to as armorial bearings, armorial devices or heraldic devices. The coat of arms, which was utilized initially by knights as a way of identifying themselves and setting themselves apart from soldier-enemies, could belong to a group of people or even a specific person. Also referred to as a family crest, a family coat of arms is essentially a graphic display of your family's name. This tradition, which goes back nearly 800 years, symbolizes the history of a family name. A family crest plaque or coat of arms may be unique to not only a family, but a person, corporation or state as well. Coats of arms belong to the tradition of heraldry, which refers to the design and display of the arms. When towns, countries or villages use coats of arms, it is called civic heraldry. A traditional coat of arms usually includes a patterned shield that is decorated with a crest, a helmet, a motto, a crown, a wreath and a mantling. A coat of arms may be used by a school, college, church, guild, corporation or families to reflect their origins.