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29" x 19" Crusader Double Shield with 2 Hand Painted Coat-of-Arms W/Free US S&H

29" x 19" Crusader Double Shield with 2 Hand Painted Coat-of-Arms W/Free US S&H

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This is a sample, you will receive the authentic Coat of Arms for your specific last name from the Free Preview.

Crusader Double Shield Coat-of-Arms

The Crusades of 1095 through 1291 AD ushered in the beginning of heraldry, as knights and warriors distinguished themselves in battle and proudly wore their coat-of-arms on their shield. The coat-of-arms was then passed from father to son, honored here with the Crusader Shield.

Forged from steel and curved to deflect swords, the Crusader Shield comes to life, hand-painted with the historical coat-of-arms granted to your family surname, and at 29” h x 19” w is our largest medieval shield (swords not included).

Simply provide the family surnames (and country of origin, if known), and we’ll do the rest, researching an extensive library of heraldic texts.

The only full-size battle shield available displaying both the arms of the husband and wife together. We also add a monogram of the first name initials intertwined for a truly personal touch. Then, the authentic coat-of-arms is hand-painted by a master artist with durable oil-based enamels for vibrant color and lasting finish. Metallic accents on the three points of the shield seal the look, and a chain at the back makes for an easy wall display.

Brackets are also included that allow for the addition of a set of swords for an even more impressive medieval display.


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