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Through the years, Heraldry and Crests has built a unique database of Family Name Histories. With it, we can provide a wealth of information, the meaning of your name, its origin and references in history and more. Coat of Arms details. Early Immigrants. All can be displayed on our beautiful parchment scrolls.
Historically accurate, individually researched and compiled from original sources covering millions of names. No charge for researching names not on our database. These are NOT generic, computer assembled, templates – they are original histories and guaranteed. We will return your payment if you are not delighted.

Histories tell you how the originated. How far back in history we have records of the name, and variants of the name. Some histories give arrivals into the United States. All histories give a verbal description of the Coat of Arms as well. All Coat of Arms are authentic and researched.
The history of your family name is part of your heritage that will be treasured for years to come. The meaning of your name, it's country of origin and historical records are included. The Coat of Arms carried by an early bearer is described in detail, using the ancient language of heraldry. It will be enjoyed by your family for generations to come. The feelings they will experience will be priceless. Preserve this heirloom in your family for generations to come.
Surname histories are printed on an 11″x14″ parchment scroll. The scroll work was beautifully illustrated by a noted artist with a particular concern for heraldic detail. It highlights many appropriate heraldic symbols, making it informative as well as decorative.
Each Surname History includes:
  • Ancient origin of the name
  • Known spelling variations
  • Noteworthy bearers from the 1500-1600s
  • First settlers to North America
  • Notable contemporary bearers of the name
  • A description of the Coat of Arms and Crest   Motto
  • Gold seal guaranteeing the authenticity
Black History Unframed