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Heraldry and Crests has combined a great sportswear collection together with authentic heraldic coats of arms and intricate fine embroideries to bring you a collection of the finest casual wear. Featuring coats of arms proudly displayed on accessories as diverse as golf towels, tote bags and sportswear. Perfect for your family reunion. The coat of arms, which was utilized initially by knights as a way of identifying themselves and setting themselves apart from soldier-enemies, could belong to a group of people or even a specific person. Also referred to as a family crest, a family coat of arms is essentially a graphic display of your family's name. This tradition, which goes back nearly 800 years, symbolizes the history of a family name. A family crest plaque or coat of arms may be unique to not only a family, but a person, corporation or state as well. Coats of arms belong to the tradition of heraldry, which refers to the design and display of the arms. When towns, countries or villages use coats of arms, it is called civic heraldry. A traditional coat of arms usually includes a patterned shield that is decorated with a crest, a helmet, a motto, a crown, a wreath and a mantling. A coat of arms may be used by a school, college, church, guild, corporation or families to reflect their origins.
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