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10.5" x 11.5" Hand Painted DBL Cadet Shield Coat of Arms W/Free US S&H

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This is a sample, you will receive the authentic Coat of Arms for your specific last name from the Free Preview.

The Double Cadet Shield 

The Perfect Wedding Gift! Celebrate the joining of two families. Displaying the Coat of Arms & Family Crest for both sides of a family is a centuries old tradition which often symbolized special alliances. The authentic Coats of Arms listed under the family names are hand painted on a shield. The colors and symbols, known as charges in heraldry, stood for the hopes and ambitions of the bearer and his family. Our heraldic artists faithfully represent both Coats of Arms in the true heraldic style from centuries ago. It is normal practice in this product to display the Male name on the left and Female on the right. Please enter names and countries of origin in the boxes in the order you want them displayed.
Available in Copper, Brass, and Marble.

Each family coat-of-arms is carefully researched, then hand-painted by a master artist with durable oil-based enamels for vibrant color and lasting finish.

Call or email for outside US S&H

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