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WK 4 Arizona Renaissance March 4 & 5 – Fairytale Masquerade!

Posted by Jeff Ezzell on

March 4 & 5 – Fairy tale Masquerade!

Mask Contest at 2pm at the Royal Pavilion on Sun. March 5th

Be Creative! What does your MASK represent? Mystery, Sadness, Happiness?
Registration is limited, arrive early to pre-register prior to contest at 2pm in the Royal Pavilion. Entrants will be judged on: Mask Design, creativity, & uniqueness, and be asked to answer one of the following questions: How does your mask help define your character (adults), or, what is your favorite part about your mask? (child 12 & under). Masks may be bought & decorated, or cut from paper/material of your choice. CONTEST OPEN TO AGES 6-99

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